Warmest Greetings, Merry Meet and Welcome to White Rose Enchantments. This was created and inspired by my spiritual journey, my ancestral roots, and my desire to share my gifts, creations, and wisdom with all of those who seek my services.

I am Priestess Sirona Rose (of the European Celtic Tradition) and I am an Artist of Divination, Intuitive Astrologer, Energy Healer (Reiki Master/teacher) and I am legally ordained. I have been on my Spiritual path for 20 years,  I am trained and initiated, so I am very seasoned in my crafts. I was born into a household with “the second sight”, so this path wasn’t a surprise for anyone that knows me. Although being trained in several different paths, my focus is of the European Celtic Tradition of Witchcraft. I am here to help one heal and awaken, assist others on their journey,  teach others who hear the call to this path, to help remove ignorance and fear and educate others of this divine path. My path is Goddess-centered, and I pay much reverence to Mother Nature and all of the living beings on her.

I am a writer, an event organizer, and one of my passions is bringing like-minded individuals together. Make sure you follow my BLOG so you can keep up with current events. You can also check out my other blog at www.terrarubraeastrotarot.com.

Enchanted Blessings to you all!


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